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At the ripe old age of 24, I’m finding myself at a turning in point in life. With graduation right around the corner, I’m about to resume building a career and a life in New York. Naturally, these next few months are going to be busy.

About one week ago, I decided it was time to enlist some resources to keep me focused on my dreams and enlightened in all aspects of the word. I don’t have much time for pleasurable reading; however, I DO have plenty of time to listen to books in the car. (Side Note: May I suggest to those of you car dwellers and subway riders?)

First book to download? Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michael’s Unlimited which is basically a realistic self improvement masterpiece. Now, let me back up a bit. For quite some time, I’ve intended to create a vision board. Oprah, for one, is a huge proponent of these creations, as they play a huge role in making people’s dreams into a tangible reality. I’ve got plenty of jumbo sized dreams, so I’ve known for awhile that, for me, a vision board is a necessity to give me some insertion and direction for my dreams. More importantly, I’m a firm believer that actively fusing intention and action together is what makes stuff happen. So, the vision board is one way to give intention and direction to my life.

I bet you can guess what’s next. Yes, Jillian’s book discussed vision boards serving as a reminder of my desire to make my own VB. Luckily, I contracted bronchitis, took a decongestant before bed Wednesday night, and subsequently could not sleep past 5 am on Thursday morning. So, what did I do? Made my vision board - finally! If I hadn’t gotten sick and taken medicine in a less-than-intelligent manner, I may have never created my vision board. So, yes, I’m lucky to have bronchitis (…or that’s how I’m choosing to look at it). Although I wish I weren’t still sick, looking at my virtual vision board on my laptop screen reminds me that everything has a reason and purpose. Bronchitis’ role was to finally give me the moment to create my vision board. So, bronchitis = lucky in Amandaland.

Here are a few of my entries on my VB:

- buy fresh, organic, healthy foods
- be financially stable
- take a long, tropical cruise
- live in NYC
- complete my Master’s degree
- teach yoga
- run longer distances
- get regular massages
- reach a goal weight by December 2011

The sky is the limit, so you better believe I’m going to be adding more and more visions to my board. Can’t wait until they become reality. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention a very important little detail! If you’re short on time like me, visit Oprah’s website to make your own virtual vision board. You can upload photos, type text, and download, email and share your creation if you wish. Just google “Oprah Vision Board. “

Happy dreaming!